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Paper Embossing Seal Presses

A paper embossing seal press impression gives added securityembossing to original documents, awards & certificates, as they cannot be reproduced by scanning or photocopying. If unsure what you require contact us on 03 9696 1717 or via email at roeszlers@rubberstampco.com.au .

Our desk top embossing seal presses are designed to emboss paper around 100-120gsm.

However people do use them to emboss up to around 260-300gsm successfully.

With square borders you can sometimes have a problem with the paper pulling towards

 a corner and causing a small crease, this can be overcome by putting the image within a circular border.


Details on all of our presses below for your information.

Prices start with the Model M ( Shiny ED) desk top embossing Seal Press at $190.00 Inc gst, with just text, with either 40mm diameter reach 24mm or 50x25mm die holders with a reach of 33mm.

(Recommended 80gsm, can be uses to approx. 150gsm papers).

The Shiny ED has rubber feet and is easier to use. (These dies are PVC Laser Engraved) 3-5 Days to Manufacture.

If a crest or coat of arms, is required, or logo with fine detail, or extra thick paper to be embossed 200 gsm plus, we recommend spending $298.00 Inc gst and getting a brass die engraved and Bakelite counterpart. This gives a sharper Impression and works better on thicker papers, but takes about 2 weeks to manufacture.

Other Presses Available:

Brass EMR – O/Gold Desk Top Embossing Seal Press is priced at $298.00 Inc gst with straight text, or $400.00 Inc gst with metal die & Bakelite counterpart but  has only a limited reach from the edge of the page of 10mm for the round dies & 16mm with rectangular dies.

Shiny EH-2 Long Reach Embossing Seal Press is priced at $259.00 Inc gst with straight text or with metal dies $430.00 Inc gst this press has a reach of 30 mm to the start of the 50 mm diameter. An extra set of dies & holder costs $203.00 with Plastic Dies & $375.00 Inc with Metal Die & Bakelite counterpart

The Best Embossing Seal Press we Sell is the Just Rite Extra Long Reach  Embossing Seal Press at $ 396.00 Inc gst & includes Logo with Plastic Dies which Embosses up to 180-200gsm or $625.00 Inc gst with Metal Die & Bakelite counterpart embossers up to approx. 300-320gsm, this press has a reach of 80mm to the start of the 50mm diameter, (total reach 130 mm).

This press also has 2 other die holders available 70x20mm and 45mm Diameter.

An extra set of plastic dies & holder costs $225.00 Inc gst, or Metal die & Bakelite counterpart costs $490.00 Inc gst. 

Artwork needs to be supplied as a PDF or PC tiff file, 600dpi black on white. No grey scale or colour files. 

Electronic presses are available, e.g. New Kon www.newkon.co.jp prices subject to exchange rate fluctuations, on design submission.

Please contact the office should you wish to discuss your options further.   Phone 03 9696 1717

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